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Farewell Ronin, Hello Ronin S

Posted on: 16th December 2018

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Big round of applause to the old Ronin.

As we move towards lighter filming times with the new generation of lightweight hand held gimbals, we wanted give a big round of applause to our old Ronin (the big and chunky, heavy one) for all the lovely smooth pictures it’s given us. It’s shot many rock solid, silky smooth pictures whilst loaded up with large cameras, transmitters, follow focus – the lot! It’s done the business on sandy beaches, sea spray boats, snowstorms and amidst beer throwing concert crowds – shoot after shoot it still keeps going, delivering smooth and solid!  It’s been hooked up with Easy Rigs, Glidecam and extension arms, built in stands and still it’s smooth, but it’s definitely still heavy!

So is there any life left in this first generation of 3 axis gimbals that has delivered so much?  Well, whilst resolutions and cameras maybe ever advancing to bigger resolutions, when pictures are smooth, they are smooth and the old Ronin will still be able to deliver smooth and steady pictures, but yes it will still be heavy. So now with the new Ronin S in our arsenal we look forward to lighter shoots, producing rock solid, silky smooth video productions for our clients… but we’re in no doubt we will still have to break out the old beast now and again when the shoot fits. Until then, the Ronin S is our new gimbal of choice and has all the capabilities to deliver and it’s not heavy so we love running around and chasing stuff with it!




Get in touch with us to see how we can offer some silky smooth stabilised images to your next project, or take a watch of our showreel to see the old Ronin in action.

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