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Posted on: 15th December 2018

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We decided we wanted to add a cyclorama to our offerings so we built one.

Building a cyclorama is basically building walls, with smooth curves instead of right angles. The difficult part is the corners, where two or more curves meet which is called a cove.

Building a cyc is like any construction project. The space you have available and the budget for time, materials and labour drive the process all of which were at a premium for us! We decided to put in a 2 walled infinity coved studio to maximise the space. So the next challenge was to work out how to calculate the radius for each corner.



A full radius is half the diameter of a circle. A radius on a cyclorama then is ¼ of a circle to cover the horizontal distance from floor to wall, or vertical distance, from wall to wall in the corners. Confused – well, we were, it turned out to be a rather tricky project that we ended up calling some help in for.

We went ahead and began building the cyc using plywood, MDF and plaster for the finish. The last step was to smooth the surface by sanding, a coat of primer and painting matt white making sure the joints were super smooth.

We were really impressed with the results and have used the studio for a number of different projects including product demonstrations, talking head interviews, beauty and fashion films, green screen, photo shoots and music promos!

Our 2 walled white cyc studio in Berkshire is available for hire now. For more details take a look at our studio page to find out more.

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