About Us

Who are Ambanja?

A bit about Ambanja

We combine years of industry experience with our passion for filmmaking to create content that audiences seek out.

Our creative teams are experienced broadcast professionals and passionate about every client’s project to ensure we get the results you want! We never look at any project as small – just because your budget may be small it doesn’t mean your film has to be.


  • Michael

    Producer | Ops Manager


    Likes: Moonwalking
    Dislikes: Cube Spins
    Loves having 2 mobile phones as it looks more important.

  • David

    Director | Camera | Drone


    Likes: Polishing Kit

    Dislikes: Dirty Kit

    You'll find him behind the camera,
    but always trying to get in front!

  • Louise

    Production Secretary


    Likes: Loves the smell of paper
    Dislikes: Missing receipts
    Military precision accounts.

  • Jordan


    Likes: Night Shoots
    Dislikes: Canon
    Jordan adds a special blend of
    wizz, bang, wallop with his magic gimbal powers!

  • Remy

    Producer | Camera

    Likes: All things circus
    Dislikes: Sitting still
    Remy integrates movement and dance into
    his productions drawing on his unique love of circus.

  • Horace


    Likes: Big dogs
    Dislikes: White studio floors
    Best looking member of the team!