What we do

Create. Shoot. Edit. We've got it covered.

Why Shoot with us

  • 01

    We understand your brand

    Our curiosity and desire to understand our client’s objectives means we’re not just shooters for hire. We gather context around your brand and filter it through our years of industry experience and offer expert tips for brands seeking to explore video production.
  • 02

    We're strong communicators

    We like to chat and always believe in the importance of sharing a wavelength with our clients. If you send us an email, you’ll get a quick response. We’ll keep you updated on where a project is at. We value collaboration and understand that communication is the most important element to do it successfully.
  • 03

    We work lean & we scale

    Each production is different and we have the ability to work lean. We can work as a small crew when needed, providing flexibility and renewed focus on story. This doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We’ve spent the past five years cutting the fat and refining our production processes. We’re able to scale up and down depending on each project’s specific requirements.
  • 04

    We know kit

    True - It’s not all about the equipment, but it’s also nice to use great kit... and we love our kit. Our kit is the preferred tool for broadcast filmmakers around the world. Our arsenal of kit gives us the creative freedom to capture unique footage that only a few years ago was reserved for Hollywood.
  • 05

    We know the right people

    Through our love of collaboration, we’ve acquired a great network of talented video professionals, DOP's, Gaffers, Sound recordists, script writers, producers and assistants. We’re constantly utilising our network to get the most out of our productions. If we can’t do something, we know someone who can. We always know the right person for the job and we love joining the dots.
  • 06

    We get results

    Trusted by global brands, we have inspired millions of customers with a track record delivering incredible results that make a difference. Our videos rise above the clutter with memorable content that engages your target audience, inspires action and makes an impact.