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Rhino Slider Evo

Posted on: 5th November 2018

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We now have the Rhino EVO Slider with Rhino Motion and Arc.

This nifty slider offers tons of filming opportunities both manually and as a motorised option – simply set your in and out points for the slider and use the dial to control the speed – it’s silky smooth! You can also set the EVO up to be fully automated with the Rhino Motion and Rhino Arc. Preset the speed, distance and panning option, one click and off it goes – nice! This has been great for adding movement to a second angle on interviews, motion time-lapse and as a general purpose slider. We rig ours with both a Sony A7sII and Sony FS7 on the Manfrotto 502 tripod legs with a flat video head. Yes – the FS7 is a little heavy on the EVO but using the shorter 24″ rails we can get some great sliding 4K RAW footage with the FS7 and Odyssey 7Q+ combo.

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