Compelling stories through entertaining explainer videos.

Explainer Video Production Reading & London

You’ve probably heard the term Explainer video chucked around on the internet already, and you’ve almost certainly seen a few.

Essentially they’re short, entertaining animated online videos that ‘explain’ a product or service. There are no hard and fast rules around explainer videos, but they tend to feature illustrated graphics / characters, a voiceover, and maybe some music or sound effects.

Animation can be a great way to showcase how to get the most out of your product or service, and allows for a very distinctive and ownable style that users can immediately callback to your brand. For digital and online products, screen capture can also be used to make the product tangible and demonstrable.

Explainer videos are often highly targeted and aimed at existing customers. The approach and style we take when producing an explainer video will largely depend on the nature of your product, as well as your brand and marketing objectives.  The nature of the audience will heavily influence the scripting process. If we’re talking to people who have already bought your product for example, then a degree of prior knowledge can be presumed.

At Ambanja, we love to create explainer videos with compelling stories that engage the audience and help them to understand your product or service. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can create your next explainer video.